Coronavirus Help and Advice

Everything you need to know about the virus

Due to thousands of cases documented across the globe, coronavirus is being described as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern with the amount of individuals infected predicted to rise over the coming months. 

As the virus is most infectious during the incubation period, where often no symptoms are prevalent, The World Health Organisation has recommended the public to increase their hand hygiene to stop the virus from spreading further. 

Hand sanitisers are suggested to be the best method to prevent the virus, which means it’s important to know the facts. Not all hand sanitisers work the same - formulation matters. Whilst the active ingredients are very important, the product’s effectiveness solely relies on the total formulation aka the balance between the active ingredient and performance. 

Hunter Medical has a reliable reputation as a knowledgeable sanitiser supplier providing hygiene products for the public including businesses, institutions and the care sector. 

Our carefully formulated hand sanitisers are proven to eliminate transient bacterias and help your body regenerate resident bacteria. Not just keeping you healthy, but everyone you come into contact with too.

Coronavirus guidance