COVID-19 Hotspots

Methods of ensuring COVID-19 Hots Spots have access to 70% Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers

Two days ago, Friday 13th March 2020, we tested or Outbreak Response Plan in the area covering between Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford. (Between Brighton and Eastbourne.) We advertised on the local radio, advert attached, and then digitally advertised in precisely the same area as the radio coverage. The results have been impressive.

We picked this area because the elderly are most at risk to COVID-19, and with a limited supply of product we feel it was best to supply an area with an older age demographic.

Outbreak Response Team

  1. Media coverage on a local level
  2. Digital Media Advertising
  3. Local social media
  4. Email shots
  5. Digital display advertising vans

    This method of supply will help to reduce the rate of spread of COVID-19 and will assist the Government in its plans to reduce, control and slow down the spread of COVID-19.

    By allowing customers to order online this will produce other benefits. It is important to supply the product directly to the customer via post and courier (not signed for, this reduces interaction) and not via retail outlets.

    In infected areas it is vital to reduce the movement, footfall, queuing and interaction of people to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

    For this approach to be truly scalable on a national level we will require the assistance of our manufacturers and distributors to provide us with a guaranteed supply of 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitisers. 

    OAPs and those with underlying health issues

    Direct campaigns

    Phone, email, social media, we also plan to advertise on Classical FM.

    We are working with charities that are associated with underlying health conditions to identify people at risk. If we have 100% certainty of supply lines.


    Diabetes UK, Asthma UK, The British Heart Foundation, The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, The Primary Immunodeficiency UK (PID UK), and Macmillan UK.

    Care homes

    We have a partner a software company that provides solutions to 745 care homes, we have been offered their database. The Owner of the Company has offered to put his business on hold to become Director of Care Home Fulfilment.

    Residential parks for over 55

    We have access to databases containing the location of all Parks in the UK.

    The groups mentioned above are likely to have a relatively high death rate following infection, (Death rate of over 80’s in those infected is around 15%) it this group will put massive pressure on the NHS. A proactive response will reduce this pressure.

    Resources in place

    Robust and scalable web site based on Shopify. The web site has been simplified to enable easy navigation by those with little experience of buying online.

    Flexible and scalable Fulfilment Centres stocked with the product (partly stocked) and packaging material.

    Additional messages to get across

    We need to get across to the general population that bacterial and other non-alcohol hand sanitisers will not kill coronavirus.

    The danger is that people using ineffective bacteria hand sanitisers will be reducing the number of times they wash their hands each day, thereby increasing the risk of infection to themselves, friends, colleagues and loved ones.

    We also want to educate the population that Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is only effective against coronavirus at strengths between 60% to 90%.

    Less than 60% equals a marked reduction in effect, over 90% causes protein coagulation, again limiting effectiveness. The sanitiser needs to have a certain level of water to be effective.

    There needs to be strengthening of the message that 70% alcohol kills 99.9% of coronavirus within 30 seconds of contact.

    There is a very limited supply of 60% to 90% Alcohol hand sanitiser in the UK. Production is not at full capacity because there are problems with supply chains. It has become difficult to obtain ingredients, plastic bottles and caps.

    A lot of the production is being sold in a non-targeted manner on Amazon and other platforms. Hoarding and extreme profiteering are the norm on these platforms.

    My Purchasing Manager has come across situations where the 70% sanitisers have been exported to Japan and China, the Chinese are wary of products made in their own country. This does not make sense, given that India has stopped exporting certain types of drugs and other products.

    If we are to help save lives, the effective 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitisers must be marketed with geographical and demographic precision on a just in time basis, while at the same time making sure that the population with underlying health issues and their families have access to the best quality 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitisers available.

    My problem is that I only have 32,500 units left, as the 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitisers are in short supply the key is precise geographic target marketing.

    Sales are the easy part, but the continuity of supply is and will be the problem.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. We do want to make a difference.

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